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Softly and Tenderly

“Mom died in her sleep last night.” Those are terrifying words for a child to wake up to. The death of Lori’s mom is the beginning of one of the strangest and most frightening times in her life. Death is not a pretty thing, especially not when the funeral is to be at the Lights Out Chapel and Crematorium.

As if the death of her mother wasn’t enough, young Lori experiences terrifying visions after losing her. Were they real or imagined? Years later, after another death in the family, the visions return, more horrifying than before. This time, there is no doubt they are real.

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Dance for Me

A once-thriving theater is rumored to be haunted by little Clarissa Salem, a young ballerina who disappeared from inside her dressing room many years ago. Now dilapidated and closed down, this theater is no longer visited, at least not to see the performances. One young girl double-dog dares another to spend the night in this theater. That is a perfectly safe outing for these two young girls, right? Unless little Clarissa is still hanging around.

After “Dance for Me,” you will find another short story, “The Hunger.” A butterfly wakes up to find that nectar from flowers no longer holds any interest for her. A strange new craving has taken over.

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