Essence of Time – a Review

Imagine your life and your marriage are perfect. You find out you are carrying the child that you and your husband have longed for. Then the military calls your one true love away. That leaves you alone to take care of the farm. How will you survive until he returns?

In eighteenth-century Kentucky, Peter and Linda fall in love and get married. Their idyllic life is interrupted when the military needs Peter’s assistance in France. Even though Linda is pregnant, Peter still feels that he must go. He is sure that he will return before the baby is born and that this excursion will provide for the future of them and their child. Before he leaves, he hires plenty of help to look after his pregnant wife and their farm.

Peter’s adventure in France turns out to be a bit more dangerous than it was supposed to be. Remember, this took place in the eighteenth century, so Peter couldn’t communicate with his boss or with his wife by telephone or email. Their communication was in the form of letters. I don’t even like to think what it would have been like to not have any clue why you hadn’t received a letter from your husband. And to not have any clue about what was happening to him would have driven me crazy.

Intrigue enters the story while Peter is in France. There were times I wondered if he would survive to make it back home to his wife. He does make it home again, but the unexpected news he receives when he gets there throws a huge twist into the story. Peter isn’t sure that he will ever recover, but life has a way of surprising us.

From that point forward, I wondered how things would work out. The ending was good, but there is more to happen. I hope a sequel is headed our way soon.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. If you would like your own copy to read and enjoy, I have provided an Amazon link below.

Amazon Link: Essence of Time

Favorite Sentences:
She could not manage a farm, workers, and an old woman all while being pregnant.

It was so cold the dogs wouldn’t even go outside long enough to chase away the cats.

About the Author:
Angel Musk graduated from Newport High School in Kentucky with an interest in early childhood education. Unsatisfied with her career choice, she switched paths and instead pursued a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Finally deciding to attempt her dream of writing, she began creating short stories that grew into lengthy projects during her spare time.

She now dabbles in multiple genres such as historical romance, mysteries, and paranormal fiction. Her hobbies include camping, collecting snow globes, enjoying her five dogs, watching comedy and action movies, and listening to music. She currently resides in Elsmere, Kentucky, with her husband and three sons.

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