Outpost: Survivor Chronicles of the Great Rains: Book Two – a Review

How did the Ebola virus come to be in the rain that poured down? Who exactly is John Doe? Are aliens really behind everything that is going on? And since there are no children left, is there any hope for the survival of mankind?

From aliens and deadly rains to mad and deranged power-hungry scientists, the characters are about to go on a roller-coaster ride into the unknown for their survival.

Inside, Manning feels as though he has been deserted.His eyes are silver just as John Doe’s are, so why wasn’t he good enough to go with them? He is now full of questions. And all the residents of Outpost that are left are looking to him to be their leader. Frustrated at his inability to connect with John Doe, Manning takes off after him and the group of people he has taken with him. He didn’t want to be in charge of Outpost anyway.

Of course, there is conflict amongst those left behind in Outpost, but this conflict swells to outlandish proportions when Manning up and leaves.

In order to survive, those left in Outpost allow someone not so nice to be in charge. The population grows even smaller when those in charge allow all of the women to be taken away.

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At the beginning of the review, I mentioned mad and deranged power-hungry scientists. Sergei Kleinfelter, a sort of genius who could read minds, was thrilled to be involved in the research he was doing but soon realized it wasn’t as pure and innocent as he believed it to be. Once he had himself in so deep, it was no longer possible to get out of it. Despite all of his attempts to slow down or stop, he brought about the greatest and deadliest change to humanity that the world had ever seen. Then he realized that he wasn’t the one in control of his research.

What the characters experienced in the first book would have been enough to break most people, but it only made them stronger. Secrets they discover and the horrors they encounter in book two might give you a hint as to whether or not they will survive in book three.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. If you would like your own copy, I have provided an Amazon link below.

Amazon Link: Outpost: Survivor Chronicles of the Great Rains: Book Two

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Favorite Sentences:
Show proof of hope when hope has long been lost, and mankind will suspend disbelief.

The world was uniformly bathed in ugly, muted shades of dirty beige, the grit carried on the hot, ceaseless wind coating everything, filling even the tiniest of cracks on every surface.

The cold, practiced efficiency with which he did his job made his acts of brutality all the more terrifying.

His breath smelled like he’d eaten moldy bread and washed it down with spoiled milk.

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New Words Learned:
anthropogenic – caused or produced by humans

appointed – provided with what is necessary; equipped; furnished

segue – any smooth, uninterrupted transition from one thing to another

squinched – I think this is one awesome word! What does it mean? It is another way to say “squinted.” I think I prefer “squinched.” 🙂

About the Author:
Matthew is originally from Brighton, Michigan. He now lives in Kentucky with his wife, two children, and their dog Elvis. He sings in a garage band with a group of friends- always rock ‘n’ roll- and absolutely loves a good movie.

His most popular novels, the Watchers series, have found their way onto over 50,000 Kindles, Nooks, and other eReaders.

To keep up with new releases or send a message, you can find his blog and mailing list at http://bit.ly/1li0lcL.

Follow on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AuthorMatthewK or stop by for a chat on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/matthew.keith.52831.


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  1. April 30, 2017 at 5:23 am

    Sounds like an exciting, dark read. I’m kind of fascinated with apocalyptic fiction.

    • Matthew Keith
      April 30, 2017 at 9:00 am

      Thanks, JazzFeathers. I hope you’ll check it out!

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