Yes, There’s a Word for That

dogs basking in the sun, flickr

What is the word that describes being clumsy or unskilled with both hands? When you throw someone or something out of a window, what have you done? What are individuals who are involved in bribery and corruption known as? If you have coulrophobia, will you be going to see IT?

ambisinistrous – A person who is lucky enough to be ambidextrous can use both hands with ease. But did you know that there are people who cannot use either hand with ease? Someone who is ambisinistrous is clumsy or unskillful no matter which hand is used.

apricity – The warmth one gets while basking in the sun is apricityMy dogs love to lay in the sun and feel the apricity flow through them.

neighbor’s fence, pixabay

boodler – It is unfortunate that many of today’s politicians are boodlers; individuals who are involved in bribery and corruption.

clarigation – This word comes to us from Roman law. Clarigation was a loud, clear call or summons made to an enemy to demand satisfaction for some injury received, without which there would be a declaration of war. Fast forward to today. Say your neighbor’s fence crosses one foot over your property line. Are you quiet about it or do you incite clarigation?

constative – As a noun, a constative is a statement that can be judged as true or false. As an adjective, constative means capable of being true or false.

coulrophobiaCoulrophobia is the extreme dread or fear of clowns. Are you so afraid of clowns that you can’t even look at pictures of them or watch shows with clowns in them? You definitely can’t be in the same room with one. And I know you won’t be watching the new version of IT.

defenestration – I realize that there is a word for just about anything, but I honestly never thought there was a word for this. Defenestration is the act of throwing someone or something out of a window.

entopticEntoptic relates to images that form within the eye as opposed to images resulting from light entering the eye.In 1991, I had a serious car wreck that put me in a coma. When I woke from my coma, there were small blood clots floating through my eyes. These entoptic clots randomly appearing in my vision really annoyed me. 

professional wrestling, wikipedia

estivate – Most think of summer as a time to get outside and play games. Some think of it as a time for the family to go on vacation. Estivate means to spend the summer doing nothing and being totally lazy.

kakistocracy – When the worst possible persons are in power, the government is called a kakistocracy. Some believe that our president is turning our constitutional republic into a kakistocracy.

kayfabe – Professional wrestling is a great example of kayfabe, the portrayal of staged events as real.

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