Life has been full of surprises for Lisa Binion. After a near-fatal car wreck, she was supposed to be paralyzed for the rest of her life. The nurses were shocked when she unexpectedly walked out of her room one day. Once a spider liked her so much that it tried to make its home in her ear. The memories of the day this spider lived in her ear still make her shudder. Then there was the morning she walked into her kitchen to find a baby bird perched on the Cream of Wheat tin on the back of her stove. How this bird made it past her eight cats without being eaten is still a mystery. She is excited to see what surprises life brings her way next, but she really hopes that it isn’t another ear-loving spider.

Lisa has been fiction writing editor for websites such as BellaOnline and The News in Books. As her popularity continued to grow, she decided it was time to start her own website, Lisa’s Writopia. You can keep up with Lisa on her pages on Facebook, the Kentuckiana Authors page on Facebook, and on her website.

My first book, Softly and Tenderly, was published on January 16, 2016. It is available on Smashwords.

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When to Start a New Paragraph

A paragraph is a section of your story. All of the sentences in your paragraph should be about one chunk of information. The paragraphs are indented, or there is a line skipped between them. In this article, lines are skipped between the paragraphs. How long should your paragraphs be? They should be as long or…

Retaliation – a Review

This is a book that every young adult needs to read.  Retaliation is avenging an injury or wrong a person has done to you by returning some injury or wrong to that person.  Through an engaging story, this book explores how deeply violence exists in many communities and the measures some families will go through…

Adverb Abuse

How can one abuse an adverb?  An adverb isn’t something you can grab hold of and beat up, but you can use them so often in your writing that the person reading your book is traumatized to the point that he wants to throw it across the room.  Seriously?  Adverbs can traumatize? Do an experiment. …