Did You Know There’s a Word for That?

Have you ever burst into laughter and not been able to quit? Have you ever experienced an afterclap or been knocked agroof? Are you acquainted with an alterocentric person? Do you have a cacoëthes? Would a person with cerebropathy need to be put in a mental institution? What is curglaff?

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Have you ever burst into laughter and not been able to quit? You were laughing so hard that it made your stomach muscles hurt. Perhaps this laughter was brought on by something serious that you shouldn’t even be laughing at, but something about it just tickled your funny bone. If someone is abderian, they are inclined to ceaseless, foolish merriment or laughter.

There are moments that everyone has a rough time making a decision, but at least you have the ability to make one. If you no longer have the ability to decide, you have abulia, the pathological inability to make decisions or to act independently.

Aflunters means in a state of disorder or disarranged. Is your life in good shape, or are all your bills late, your job a mess, and your marriage on the rocks? Is everything in your life aflunters?

Have you ever thought a fight was over just to be punched in the face as soon as you dropped your guard? If so, you’ve experienced an afterclap, an unexpected, often unpleasant sequel to a matter that you thought had been closed.

If you’ve been knocked agroof, you are lying face downwards or are in a prone position, possibly from experiencing an afterclap.

If a person is egocentric, he is self-absorbed and believes the world revolves around him. Egocentric people aren’t much fun to be around. On the other hand, if a person is alterocentric, they are more concerned about others than themselves. Their life revolves around those of other people.

An anxiolytic reduces anxiety through medication, relaxation, etc.

Aprosexia is the inability to concentrate.

Cacoëthes is a bad habit, an incurable itch, an insatiable urge or desire. There are variations of this, such as cacoëthes carpendi, a driving compulsion to criticize or find fault.
Cacoëthes loquendi is an urge to talk that is so strong that it can’t be stopped. You might call this person a motormouth.
Cacoëthes scribendi is the unquenchable desire or urge to write. No matter how much you write, you feel the need to do more.

caduceus, pixabay

Cacospectamania is an obsession to stare at something which is repulsive or vulgar.

In classical mythology, the caduceus is the staff carried by Mercury to show that he is the messenger of the gods. Today, it is an emblematic staff with either one or two serpents and is used as a symbol of the medical profession.

Cerebropathy is a hypochondriacal condition verging upon insanity, occurring in those whose brains have been severely stressed.

Curglaff is the shock felt when plunging into cold water, and in the case of the polar bear plunge, ice cold water.

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