Diesel Engine Day & Other Strange Holidays


How humble will you be on Be Humble Day? Is Walking the Dog Day a special day for your furry friend? What do you plan to think about on International World Thinking Day? On Diesel Engine Day, will you learn how a diesel engine works?



Be Humble Day  – Are you humble, or do you tend to brag about everything you do? When a person is humble, he is not proud or boastful. Instead, he is modest. Even if he has accomplished great things, he does not brag endlessly about them. Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, it is a good idea to not always be boastful. People simply get tired of listening to it.

What if you had a character that didn’t understand how to be humble? What if he had the meaning of humble confused with the meaning of another word? What is that word he had it confused with was proud?

Walking the Dog Day  – You should walk or run your dog every day, but if you have neglected to do this before, this would be a great day to start. The exercise will do you some good, too.

Create a character who runs the same route every single day with her dog. If there is something out of the ordinary along the way, it would stand out to this character at once. Even though though she might not realize it the moment she first sees it, she realizes later that something was not right.  By the time she realizes this, something bad has happened. And she also knows that someone would not be very happy about it. What happens?

International World Thinking Day  – I really hope that you think each and every day. Today is set aside for the Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, and other girl groups to think and learn about health issues that affect females of any age. This day was created in 1926 at a Girl Scout/Girl Guides conference. Celebrated on February 22 of each year, it is the birthday of Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts. It is also the birthday of his wife, Lady Olave Baden-Powell, founder of the Girl Guides.

You could do some additional research and write an historical fiction story about the creation of these special groups for girls.

National Margarita Day – Do you love margaritas? This is the day set aside to celebrate the creation of this delicious drink. Before this date, you may want to come up or find your favorite margarita recipe to enjoy on this day.

You could create a character that wins a margarita recipe contest, but your character doesn’t even like this drink. So how did he manage to come up with a winning recipe? It would be great if you had won a similar contest yourself so you could write your story from experience.

Rudolf Diesel, imgbuddy.com

Rudolf Diesel, imgbuddy.com

Diesel Engine Day – On February 23, 1893, Rudolf Diesel received a patent for his diesel engine. Instead of gasoline, this engine burns fuel oil and uses compressed air in the cylinder instead of a spark to ignite the fuel. Perhaps you drive a car that runs on diesel. This would be a great day to investigate the beginnings of this type of engine.

The life of Rudolf Diesel and his fabulous creation would be a great basis for a work of historical fiction.

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day – Since no one knows who created this day, do you think it could have been a canine? I’m sure those who own dogs appreciate dog biscuits, but if my guess is right, the dogs probably enjoy them even more.

Why not write a story that tells about a dog who creates this special day? Oh, and be sure to give your Fido or your Precious some dog biscuits on this day. If you want to make the dog biscuits extra-special, try making them yourself. I’m sure your canine will thank you.

tortilla chips, kitchendaily.com

tortilla chips, kitchendaily.com

National Tortilla Chip Day – The snack of tortilla chips, with or without salsa, is very popular today. Who brought tortilla chips to the United States? Elmer Doolin, a businessman from Texas, is the one who brought the recipe to the United States from Mexico. On this day, celebrate by having having some tortilla chips with a big bowl of chili.

The origin of this day is not known, but it was probably a started by a company trying to promote their own brand of tortilla chips. Use the wonderful imagination you have as a writer and come up with a really strange and interesting beginning for this tasty day.

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