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Chase your dreams, they often say. How many truly get a chance to do so? In a world that is dog-eat-dog and whatnot, chasing dreams is something meaningless and devoid of context. It is an empty platitude and nothing more. Something strange happened in my case. The stars aligned and a very special woman made it possible so that this family man who is a father of three and an enormous black lab can pursue his dream of being a sci-fi/horror author and soon-to-be fantasy author.

Who am I? What am I? I am nothing more than an author. I am a man who, since the age of thirteen, has wished that all he could do is create fantastical dreamscapes and strange fictions that readers will find fascinating and utterly entertaining. Since the age of thirteen, all I have wanted to do is write and make a living through my writing. Then I got married and had kids. Was this the end?

No, not at all. After a decade of supporting my family in a grueling daily struggle while trying to console myself with the prospect of a future law degree, I was heading towards what could have been potentially a good financial payday. Each year my finances kept growing and growing as I gathered more and more experience, however, all I had become was a paycheck. Yes, I was supporting my family; because of that, I was eternally grateful to have those opportunities, but I felt that I was living a humdrum experience. While my pockets were doing well and my bills were getting paid, I felt empty inside.

Then something happened. Something I never saw coming. About a year ago, out of the clear blue, my wife, feeling comfortable with our household finances, asked if I wanted to pursue my dreams. Did I want to be a full-time author? My skepticism at the time was very high, and I wondered if there was much more to this agenda. Up to that point, we had been married a decade. Knowing her well, I could have never imagined her giving me this offer. I searched for a caveat; I searched for the fine print. Incredibly enough, there was none! Thus, roughly a year and a half ago—somewhere in 2015—I officially made my new move and began my career as an author in earnest.

In today’s world where there are only a few surviving traditional publishers left, it is very difficult to score that big deal. However, because I am independent and love the idea of writing whatever comes to mind, I decided to take the self-published route. And thus began my life as an independent author. Initially, I had no idea what genre I would write in. I thought about different paths, but my love for writing is very widespread. However, one genre quickly came to the forefront, one that has always been near and dear to my heart.

Science fiction, the world of tomorrow, is itself a very diverse genre, and the literature that accompanies it is wildly creative. The first few novels I published are in this genre. In fact, so is my upcoming novel to be released in 2018. To me, sci-fi provides the opportunity to write about advanced technology, alien worlds, time travel, and all the things that make life worth living. Sci-fi is depicted as a dystopia and a utopia. Sci-fi is a representation of both our hopes and fears mashed up with our ultimate fear or love for alien civilizations. Thanks to Star Wars, my love for sci-fi started in the film medium.

While sci-fi is my first love in writing, I started thinking about the darker side of things, the paranormal, and things that go bump in the night. While I think a full-length horror novel is not on the horizon for me—at least not at the moment—I have indulged my whims for this genre by releasing shorter horror novellas. These novellas are a refreshing thing as they allow me to take short flights of fancy, but I don’t have to commit to writing in this genre. This is what I love about writing: the ability to take flights of fancy at will.

I have been and still am an avid reader of fantasy novels. The Wheel of Time Series to me has always been a superb saga as is a Song of Ice and Fire, which I read before HBO made it truly popular. Because of my love for this genre, in 2018, the second project I will be undertaking will be a fantasy novel. Hopefully, a series will be emerging out of this. How long? Well, I will eventually determine this.

So, who am I? I am a father, I am a husband, and most importantly, I am an indie author. I am just a man chasing a dream he has wanted to chase for a long time.

So now that you know more about me, I invite you to enter my world and check out the dreamscapes I’ve created for you.

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