Confusing Words from Home to Hurtle

Do you live in a home or a hone? Would you stay in a hostel or a hostile? Will the homework take an hour or an our to complete? Is the bone in your arm a humerus or a humorous? Will the meteor hurdle through space or hurtle through space?

model timber home, pexels

home, home
A home is a house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household.
It is often said that a house is not a home but that home is where your heart is.
Hone, as a verb, means to make more acute or effective; improve; perfect.
In order to hone her skills as a detective, she offered to solve cases a no charge for a certain length of time.

basketball hoop, pixabay

hoop, whoop
A hoop is a circular band or ring of metal, wood, or other stiff material.
A new basketball hoop was put up in the gym.
A whoop is a loud cry or shout, as of excitement or joy.
Each member of the football team let out a huge whoop when they unexpectedly won the final game of the year.

hostel dormitory, wikimedia commons

hostel, hostile
A hostel is an inexpensive, supervised lodging place for young people on bicycle trips, hikes, etc. It is also called a youth hostel.
In Hickory Dickory Dock, a strange series of crimes at a student hostel intrigue Hercule Poirot.
If a person is hostile, then you cannot expect to receive any warmth or friendliness from him.
The hostile landlord did not receive many inquiries about the vacant apartment he had available for rent.

tell time clock hour chart, wikipedia

hour, our
An hour is a period of time equal to one twenty-fourth of a mean solar or civil day and equivalent to 60 minutes.
As soon as she arrived home from work, she flopped onto the couch and slept for one hour.
Our is a possessive pronoun in the plural case.
It is our job to ensure that the group of children enjoy their trip to the museum.

hours, ours
Hours would be two or more periods of time that are equivalent to 60 minutes each.
She worked on writing her story for the contest for three hours without a break.
Ours is a possessive pronoun in the plural case.
Those coats are ours.

a human and his dog, wikimedia commons

human, humane
Human means of, characterizing, or relating to man and mankind.
The mistreated dog had an extremely poor opinion of human nature.
Humane means characterized by tenderness, compassion, and sympathy for people and animals, especially for the suffering or distressed.
It took months for the humane rescuer of the mistreated dog to win over his trust and affection.

humerus, humorous
The humerus is the long bone in the arm of humans extending from the shoulder to the elbow.
Allen’s humerus was broken when he fell off the monkey bars.
Humorous means funny.
It was not humorous when Allen fell off the monkey bars and broke his humerus.

hurdle, hurtle
A hurdle a portable barrier over which contestants must leap in certain running races, usually a wooden frame with a hinged inner frame that swings down under impact to prevent injury to a runner who does not clear it.
The first time Tim succeeded in clearing the hurdle, he celebrated by ending the day’s practice.
Hurtle means to rush violently; move with great speed.
During an avalanche, snow will hurtle down the mountainside.

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