Confusing Words from Healthful to Heroine

Is exercising daily a healthful habit or a healthy habit? Does hear or here mean in this place? Would you own a heard of goats or a herd of goats? If an animal feeds on grass, is it herbiferous or herbivorous?Is heredity or hereditary responsible for your blue eyes? Were you rescued by a hero, a heroin, or a heroine?

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healthful, healthy
Healthful is an adjective that means wholesome or healthy.
Her healthful diet and habit of exercising daily kept her in great shape.
Healthy is also an adjective that means possessing good health. It can also mean conducive to good health or healthful. That would mean that these two words are basically interchangeable.
Her healthy lifestyle included the good habits exercising daily and eating the right foods.

hear, here
Hear means to learn by the ear or by being told; be informed of.
Did you hear what I said?
If your coffee mug is here, it is in this place; it is in this spot or locality.
Did you hear what I said while I was standing here?

herd of elephants washing in the river in Sri Lanka, public domain

heard, herd
Heard is the past tense of hear.
She heard what I said.
A herd is a group of animals kept, feeding, or traveling together. It can also be a group of people.
The herd of zebras did not realize that they were being watched by a hungry lion.


herbiferous, herbivorous
Herbiferous means bearing herbs or vegetation.
The herbiferous species spread in the field like wildfire.
If an animal is herbivorous, it feeds on grass and other plants.
Goats are herbivorous animals.

green eyes, pixabay

hereditary, heredity
Hereditary is an adjective that means transmitted or capable of being transmitted genetically from parent to offspring.
Since green eyes are hereditary in their family, there is a good chance that their children will have green eyes too.
Heredity, a noun, is the transmission from one generation to another of genetic factors that determine individual characteristics: responsible for the resemblances between parents and offspring.
A book about heredity was lying on the coffee table.

hero, heroin, heroine
A hero is a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character.
A hero isn’t afraid to risk his life.
Heroin is a highly addictive analgesic drug derived from morphine, often used illicitly as a narcotic producing euphoria.
Jenny suspected her neighbor of selling heroin.
A heroine is a woman noted for courageous acts or nobility of character.
Esther was a heroine to her Jewish people.

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