Confusing Words from Indicted to Innocents

Would one be indicted or indited by a grand jury? If someone lacks good judgment and prudence, are they indiscreet or indiscrete? Is endless or unlimited space infinity or affinity? Is a person who is open and frank ingenious or ingenuous?

indicted, indited
Indicted is the act of a grand jury bringing a formal accusation against someone as a means of bringing to trial.
His job flew out the window after he was indicted for fraud.

Indited means to have written or composed.
Those beautiful songs were indited during times of great tribulation.

prime numbers,

indiscreet, indiscrete
Indiscreet means not discreet; lacking prudence, good judgment, or circumspection.
It is not wise to be indiscreet about how much money you make.
Indiscrete means not divided into parts.
Prime numbers are indiscrete and cannot be separated by any number except itself and one.

individual, individualist
Individual means a distinct, indivisible entity; a single thing, being, instance, or item.
In the dark of night, an individual dressed in black clothing was attempting to break into the house.
An individualist is a person who shows great independence or individuality in thought or action.
The main character in the book is an individualist.

infinity, affinity
Infinity means anything infinite; endless or unlimited space, time, distance, quantity, etc.
“To infinity and beyond!” is one of my favorite lines from Toy Story.
Affinity is a strong connection or relationship between people or things.
The affinity between the couple only grew stronger after their marriage.

ingenious, ingenuous
If something is ingenious, it is is clever and inventive.
The ingenious murderer was finally caught after having evaded the police for fifteen years.
A person who is ingenuous is open and frank.
Her best friend’s ingenuous answer opened her eyes to what was really going on.

inimical, inimitable
Inimical means unfriendly or adverse.
Leisha’s inimical attitude didn’t win her any friends.
If something or someone is inimitable, it is too good to be copied.
Her inimitable words will always be remembered.

innocents, flickr

innervate, enervate
To innervate is to stimulate a nerve, muscle, or body part to action.
They are less excitable than are the nerve cells which innervate them.
To enervate is to weaken or take away physical, mental or moral strength.
Hitting land will enervate the hurricane.


innocence, innocents
Innocence is the state of being blameless and without guilt.
The jury declared her innocence in the crime.
Two or more innocent people would be innocents.
The innocents were unwilling witnesses to the horrific murder that took away their innocence.

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