Confusing Words from Immanent to Immigrate

Is someone who is high in station, rank, or repute described as immanent, imminent, or eminent? Do you immerse or amerce a tea bag in water? Does an emigrant or an immigrant leave one’s native country with the intention of settling in another?

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immanent, imminent, eminent
Immanent is an adjective that means existing, operating, or remaining within; inherent. It also refers to the pantheistic conception of God, as being present throughout the universe.
The immanent peace that flowed throughout her being during a time of such trouble could only have come from God.
Imminent means likely to occur at any moment.
An attack was imminent.
Eminent describes someone or something that is high in station, rank, or repute; prominent; distinguished.  It can also mean projecting or protruding.
When the eminent professor was accused of allowing several of his students to get away with cheating, disbelief spread among the other members of the faculty.

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immerse, amerce
Immerse means to plunge or dip into liquid. It also means to involve deeply or to engross.
In order to make a cup of tea properly, one must immerse the tea bag into a cup of boiling water for three to five minutes.
Amerce means to punish by imposing a fine.
The gracious judge will amerce you only five hundred dollars instead of a thousand.

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immersion, emersion
Immersion is state of being deeply engaged or involved; absorption. It is also a baptism in which the whole body of the person is submerged in the water.
She felt her sins wash off as she came up from her immersion into the lake.
An emersion is also called an egress. It is the emergence of a heavenly body from an eclipse, an occultation, or a transit.
The emersion of the moon was a glorious sight.

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immigrant, emigrant
An immigrant is a person who comes to a country in order to settle there.
The immigrant knew that it could take her many years to legally attain Mexican citizenship.
An emigrant is a person who leaves one place or country, esp a native country, to settle in another.
The emigrant from Poland was welcomed to the United States by her family.

immigrate, emigrate
To immigrate is to go to a country of which one is not a native, usually for permanent residence.
After much discussion, the family decided to immigrate to Australia.
To emigrate is to leave one country or region to settle in another, to migrate
Whether or not to emigrate from the home they had always known was a tough decision.

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