Excuses Given for Not Reading & How to Read With all the Noise

It blows my mind that people who don’t like to read exist. To me, life without reading would be a nightmare. Did someone beat them violently with a book when they were young? Maybe they had a recurring nightmare where a book chased after them with a knife. Were they haunted by the evil ghost of a book? Has a book threatened to chop off their fingers if they pick another one up? I just don’t get it. Reading can take you to so many different places and allow you to experience things you would otherwise never have the chance to.

reading books, flickr

reading books, flickr

I love books, and as far as I’m concerned, just about anytime is a great time to read. Not everyone feels the same way I do though. There are those who never pick up a book or a magazine or a newspaper. For some reason, they don’t read. Why won’t they read?

A lot say they just don’t have enough time; they are too busy. I know what it is like to be busy. It is a good thing that I don’t have to think about breathing. If I did, I would probably be dead. There are days that I have so much to get done that I wouldn’t even have time to think about supplying my lungs with the oxygen they need.

The Turn of the Screw DVDOthers say they can’t find any books that interest them. Maybe these people need to look for books in other genres. I love horror books. I’m fond of historical fiction books. Thrillers keep me on the edge of my seat, and mysteries put my brain to work trying to solve the case before the author reveals all. But I also read other genres. If you haven’t yet found a genre that interests you, keep searching. I’m sure there is one out there, and I’m sure there is an author whose writing will make it hard for you to stop reading.

Some say they are waiting on the movie, or the movie is always better. This is not always the case. I have watched many movies that have been based on books. Honestly? I have only seen one of these movies that were better than the book it was based on. In “The Turn of the Screw – the Movie vs. the Book,” I give the reasons that I feel the movie actually beats the book.

Reign of MadnessThere are people who feel that all books are the same. Obviously, these people have never read more than one book. I can assure you that Nightly Visits is very different from Where Fault Lies, which is very different from Reign of Madness.

People will use not feeling good as a reason to not read. I’m not sick that often but when I am, that is one of my favorite times to read. When I’m sick, I don’t have to worry as much about housework and other things that I normally do. That gives me more free time to read and relax. Reading keeps the mind occupied and not on what is ailing me, so I feel that it actually speeds the healing process. That could be just wishful thinking on my part, but even just thinking that helps me to feel better.

Whatever your excuse is for not reading, there is a way around it. Someone who wants to read will always find the time to pick up a book and get lost in its magical world.

reading, the-bookworm.net

reading, the-bookworm.net

How to Read with All the Noise

No matter what is going on around me, I have the ability to pick up a book and become lost in other worlds. A lot of the people I know don’t understand how I’m able to read when other people are carrying on loud conversations around me. Sometimes the television is playing. Other times it is music. Every once in a while, it is something else. But no matter what the noise is, I can escape it and enter into another world far away from it.

How did I learn to do this? That is a good question, one that I’m not really sure what the answer is. I grew up in a household that wasn’t very quiet, and I have always loved to read. Since I’m not really sure how I gained this ability, I will share you things that I think are important for you to be able to read amidst all the noise that is around you.

AccusedYou need to choose a book that will suck you into the story from page one. A book that would do that for me might not do the same for you; it all depends on what interests and entertains you. If I find a story slow or dull, I have to have absolute quiet without any distractions to stay focused on what I’m reading.

At times, I don’t even realize just how tuned out I am to everything going on around me when a good book has all of my attention. Recently, I read Accused by Yasmin Shiraz. It is basically the story of a young man in college who is wrongly accused of being the serial rapist on a college campus. My husband and son know me pretty well.  They could see how into the book I was, so while sitting right next to where I was, they started some wild conversation about me. I didn’t hear one word of it until they burst out in laughter. Even then, they had to tell me what was so funny.

You can develop the ability to read amidst noise if you are determined enough. I don’t know that you will be able to do it the first time you try, but it is a wonderful ability to have. Don’t give up and keep working at it. Even if it takes a lot of practice, with determination, you should be able to succeed.

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