Find Momo – a Review

Momo is hiding in every picture in this book.  Can you find him?

Find MomoFind Momo: A Photography Book is so much more than a book full of pretty pictures taken by Andrew Knapp, a very talented photographer.  It is not easy to get animals to cooperate when you are taking their picture.

Since Momo is a black and white border collie, I was sure that I wouldn’t have any problem finding him in any of the pictures.  I was wrong.  Okay, in a lot of them it was rather obvious where his hiding place was, but there were those pictures I searched through for what seemed like forever, and I still couldn’t find him. I finally had to give up and turn to the answer key to find out where he was.  Once I found out where he was hding, it was obvious, but until then, he proved impossible to find.

One day, my eight-year-old grandson came over, and he picked up Find Momo. His attention was on the pictures and Momo until he left to go home, and he wanted to take my book home with him..

Find Waldo Now used to be Tyler’s favorite book to look through when he came over.  Waldo, I’m sorry to break the news to you, but it appears he would rather find Momo.

How You Can Use this Book for Your Fiction Writing:
This is a book full of pictures that you can use for writing prompts.  I don’t want to give Momo’s location in any of the pictures away, but I will give you examples of questions you can ask about each snapshot.

Why is Momo hiding where he is?
Is someone chasing Momo?
Does Momo know the location of something he shouldn’t?
Did Momo discover the identity of a burglar or a murderer?
Is Momo hiding because he witnessed a tearful yet joyful moment in the lives of two people?
Has Momo spotted Santa Claus making his yearly delivery of Christmas presents?
Is Momo afraid to come out because he has discovered the toys are alive?

I think my favorite picture, and one of the most difficult ones to locate Momo in, is the picture of the cluttered porch in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  In the back of the book, he tells you more about the owner of this porch filled with dolls and stuffed animals of all kinds.  I’m sure there is a story there too.  I will say it wasn’t easy to locate Momo in the midst of all of the toys.

How to Use this Book for Homeschooling:
For you creative homeschool moms out there, and you just about have to be creative when you homeschool, this book would be a fun and awesome teaching tool.  The pictures with Momo hiding were taken in locations throughout Canada and the United States.  Each picture could be a springboard that leads to more in-depth studies on each location.  Of course, the main objective when looking at each picture is to find Momo, the dog that seems to blend in where you think it would be impossible for him to.

Whether you get this book just to find Momo, to use the pictures as springboards for a story, or to make your homeschooling more interesting, you will enjoy this book.  I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  If you would like to purchase your own copy to enjoy, I have provided an Amazon link below.

Amazon link: Find Momo: A Photography Book

About the Photographer:
Photographer Andrew Knapp travels a lot with his dog Momo. One day when he took his dog into the woods to throw a stick for him to retrieve, he discovered that Momo wasn’t interested in playing that game.  Instead, he wanted to play hide-and-seek.  Once he found Momo hiding behind some trees, Andrew Knapp was inspired to pick up his camera and take Momo’s picture.  He posted these on Instagram and was amazed when Momo became an Internet sensation.

Keep your eyes open when you are out on the road.  Maybe you will spot Andrew and Momo traveling around in their yellow van.

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