Hannah Saves Oscar – a Review

If you are looking for a book that will brighten your day and make you smile at the ending, Hannah Saves Oscar is it! Yes, it is a children’s book, but inside this entertaining story are valuable life lessons for people of all ages to discover.

Oscar, a Canadian goose whose home was in Wisconsin, wanted more than anything to be famous. Anytime he mentioned this, he was laughed at by whoever happened to be there.

When the geese flew south for the winter, Oscar went with them, but he kept flying when they stopped. Oscar flew all the way to Florida! What happened changed his life forever. There he met Hannah, and there he heard Pastor Gene’s message.

When he flew back home to Goose Wing, Wisconsin, his dream of becoming famous worked out beyond his wildest dreams but not for the reasons one would think.

So, what life lessons did I find in this book? A person can become famous, not because of exceptional acting, singing, or writing abilities, but because of what he does for others. And doing these things for others brings him great happiness and satisfaction.

Forgiving others for the nasty things they have said to you is worked seamlessly into the story.

What it is like to have a great friend is shown through the relationship between Oscar and Hannah. How much joy the right friend can bring into your life is displayed.

When Oscar becomes deathly sick, those from far and wide come to see him. Many who came to see him wouldn’t have known of his existence if word about him and what he had done hadn’t spread across the nation.

I highly recommend this awesome book. It teaches life lessons all need to learn, but they are incorporated into the story in such a way that you don’t realize they are being taught.

pelicans, pixabay

Two characters in this book deserve a special mention: Pastor Gene and Dr. Max Gilpin. The character of Pastor Gene is named for Louisville minister Gene Dowell. In real life, he counsels local young people. In the book, he gets to teach valuable lessons to pelicans. Oscar hears a message from Pastor Gene that encourages him to do what makes him happy.

The character of Dr. Max Gilpin is based on the life of Louisville resident Max Gilpin who passed away from heat stroke in 2008 when he was only 15. His dream was to become a doctor, so in a way, the authors helped him to achieve his dream. Even his old jersey number—61—is written on his doctor’s bag.

I mustn’t forget to mention the illustrations. The cover was drawn by the talented Elizabeth McGee, age 19, who lives in Ekron, Ky. The inside illustrations were done by various local artists who range in age from 9 to 16.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. If you would like to experience Oscar and Hannah’s adventures with them, I’ve provided an Amazon link below.

Amazon Link: Hannah Saves Oscar

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Favorite Sentence:
What means nothing at all to one creature may mean the whole world to another.

About the Authors:
Randy Waddell, from Louisville Kentucky, is perhaps most often remembered for his athletic ability, being twice named an All-American high school basketball player. His accomplishments on the court covered up the fact that he struggled with dyslexia in the classroom. In spite of his reading difficulty, Randy had a creative mind with a love for stories and books. While this is the first book he has co-authored and published, he has written several more which he never showed anyone until now. Still living in Kentucky, Randy is currently retired, caring for Audrey, his wife of 45 years who is battling MS, and staying young by playing golf as well as cheering on his children and grandchildren. Look for many more books by Randy to come out soon.

Co-author Pippa Downing Soeder also grew up in Louisville Kentucky and went to high school with Randy. Majoring in music education at Murray State University, she taught elementary/high school chorus and piano for 30 years—all while raising children and horses on a small Kentucky farm with her husband Jim, a Vietnam War veteran. Pippa recently retired and is enjoying more time with family and friends. Watch for more books from Pippa and Randy. It’s never too late to create!

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