Heart Strings – a Review

If someone plays on your heart strings, they are attempting to get sympathy from you. If someone tugs at your heart strings or pulls on your heart strings, they are trying to cause strong feelings of affection or sympathy.

In Heart Strings. Lauren is an aspiring writer who has a curiosity that never stops. Never having learned that curiosity can get you killed, she pries into mysterious things to find answers.

Lauren’s husband has been killed in a drive-by shooting. This tragedy leaves Lauren alone, now needing to support herself. Desperate for money since her savings has run out, her prayers are answered when an aunt she doesn’t really know dies and leaves her a house and a car. Now she has to move.

Evelynton, Indiana is her destination. She spent a lot of time there when she was younger and expects the town to be just as boring, but she has no clue what she will encounter while living there.

Lauren doesn’t really like to get out much, but her inner detective awakens when someone she meets at a high school reunion looks nothing like his picture in her high school yearbook. Then the husband of a lady she works with at the local hair salon is shot to death. Lauren is nosy, but she just sees these events as prompts for her writing. She doesn’t realize the steps some will take to keep her curiosity from being satisfied.

This fantastic mystery is addictive, but its pages aren’t filled with blood, smut, or bad language.  I look forward to reading more from Lynne Waite Chapman. If you are longing for a cozy mystery that is a real page turner, Heart Strings will satisfy that need.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. If you would like a copy of this book for yourself, I have provided an Amazon link below.

Amazon Link: Heart Strings

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Favorite Sentences:
About the time the waves threatened to wash over me—no more savings and not much left to sell—I gave up and cried out to the God I never spoke to.

The red sedan followed close behind like a baby elephant following its momma.

The mailbox produced a fresh set of bills, forcing fanciful dreams of authoring a true crime novel from my head.

Acid fumes of antiseptic assaulted my nose and stung my eyes in the Beaver Creek foyer.

New Word Learned:
soporific – characterized by sleep or sleepiness; sleepy; drowsy

About the Author:
Lynne Waite Chapman began her writing career with fifteen years of writing weekly non-fiction content for the BellaOnline.com Hair site, drawing on her thirty plus years as a hairdresser. Retiring the Hair site, she has spent the last eleven years writing weekly content for the BellaOnline.com Christian Living site.

She is a regular contributor of devotions for several print publications and has written articles for many church bulletins and newsletters. She has also contributed articles to numerous internet publications.

Born and raised in northeastern Indiana, Lynne has always loved reading mystery and suspense but has only recently devoted her time to writing cozy mysteries. Her debut novel, Heart Strings—first in the Evelynton Murder series—was a 2016 semi-finalist in the American Christian Fiction Writers Association Genesis contest.

She currently lives in northern Indiana with one West Highland White Terrier.


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