My Kindle Oasis – a Review

Before I bought the Kindle Oasis, I was using the Kindle app on my tablet. Maybe it was because my tablet was old, but it was becoming a chore to read books on it. When I would open the Kindle app, it would have to warm up for about ten minutes before I could open a book and continue reading.

books on tablet, pixabay

books on tablet, pixabay

I read a lot, so this didn’t make me very happy at all. I mean, I could open the app and then go take out the trash or clean the kitchen before it was ready to be used.

If I was outside and the sun happened to be shining on me, I could forget about reading. It was impossible to see the words in the book I was currently reading.

When I would receive a book in PDF format to read on my Kindle app, I wouldn’t be able to enlarge the size of the print nor would I be able to highlight sentences or words. If I ran across a word I didn’t know the meaning of, I would have to get a dictionary and look it up because that part of the Kindle app would no longer work.

I tried taking almost everything off of my tablet except for the Kindle app. Did that speed things up? No, it didn’t. I decided that I needed a real Kindle, and I was going to buy the very best one available.

I went to Amazon to see what I could find. The latest Kindle was the Oasis. I thought it was a bit expensive, but its features were amazing! After comparing what each of the Kindles did, I decided on the Oasis. So, was it worth what I paid for it? I would have to say it was.

kindle-oasis-with-merlot-charging-coverReasons I Love my Kindle Oasis
Even when I’m outside in bright sunlight, the words of the book I’m reading  are still crystal clear. That alone makes the Kindle Oasis worth what it cost me.

The Kindle Oasis wakes up in just seconds, and any book I choose instantly opens, ready to be read.

It is the perfect size and isn’t heavy or bulky. I really do read for hours at a time. Sometimes I pace the floor while I read. Sometimes I’m on my elliptical machine when I read. And sometimes I’m sitting down. No matter what I’m doing, the Kindle Oasis remains comfortable to hold, and it is always easy on my eyes.

When I receive a book that is in PDF, most of the time I can enlarge the words. If it won’t allow me to enlarge the words, I can change the orientation of the page and the words are automatically larger. I am able to make notes on the book if needed, and I can highlight words and/or passages.

My merlot leather cover is attractive. When I flip it open, it is just like opening the cover of a book.

kindle-oasis-with-walnut-charging-coverHow to Make the Battery Last
On the Kindle Oasis page, it says that its “dual-battery charging system delivers months of battery life.” This was a huge thing for me. Instead of having to charge my tablet almost every day, I would be able to read for months without charging the Kindle!

Is this how my Oasis has performed? Well, not so much. There are conditions that have to be met for the charge on your Oasis to last for two months.

First, you have to limit your reading to thirty minutes a day. That one is impossible for me. There are days that I am only able to read for thirty minutes, but they don’t occur very often. My Kindle goes everywhere with me, and I use just about every spare moment to read.

Second, the wireless needs to be turned off. That one is easy to do but not always easy to remember. The only time the wireless needs to be on is to download one or more books.

Third, this is based on your light setting at 10. That is way too low for me. I keep my light setting anywhere from 16 to 18.

I don’t limit my reading to thirty minutes a day, and I try to remember to keep my wireless turned off. My light setting is kept anywhere from 16 to 18, and I put my Kindle to sleep the second I’m done reading. So how long does a single charge last me? Ten days is the longest a charge has lasted me so far, but it would have kept a charge for several more days if I had remembered to turn my wireless off. Once I succeed in keeping my wireless off, I will let you know how long the charge lasts.

Now, I don’t plug it in to charge as soon as the charge on the cover gets low. I allow my cover charge to go as low as it will possibly go and then the Kindle battery will start to drain since it can no longer charge from the cover. I allow it to drain down to about 50% before I plug the cover and Kindle into my computer to charge.

kindle-oasis-with-black-charging-coverThe one thing that surprised me was that everything on the Oasis is in black and white. For some reason, I thought that maybe the book covers would appear in color. But since I bought the Oasis to read books on, color isn’t needed.

Special offers do appear on my screen but only when my Kindle is going to sleep or waking up. They aren’t a distraction, and to be honest, they are kind of fun to look at. You can pay a higher price so they won’t appear on your Kindle if you would rather not see them.

I asked myself some questions once I had my Kindle and knew just how it worked. If I had known before I bought my Kindle Oasis that the charge wouldn’t last for months, would I still have bought it? Yes, I would have. If I had known that everything would appear in black and white, would I still have bought it? Yes, I would have.

If you would like to own a Kindle Oasis, I have provided Amazon links for you below.

Amazon Links:
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