Serial Killer – a Review

Enter the dark world of David Simons. This dark comedic horror story that takes a look into the depraved mind of a serial killer whose cruelty knows no bounds will scare you while making you laugh. A new dark twist that this killer gives to the children’s game “Simon Says” will make you pray that you don’t know anyone who forces you to play it like this.

David’s wife has left him, and he feels himself sliding into a deep depression. But David is one very sick and dangerous dude when his other darker personality, Simon, emerges.

Simon is sadistic to the extreme. One of the deadly games he likes to play is “Simon Says.” The pleasure he derives from making people hurt others or themselves borders on unbelievable until you realize that this world does have some very sick people living in it.

If this guy loves you, there is reason to worry. He will want to keep you with him forever, so your flesh is consumed to make sure you never leave him. And he sees this as an act of love. The last disguise this maniac wears is that of Santa Claus, but he isn’t a very nice Santa. This Santa has an ax.

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This look inside the mind of a serial killer was a bit chilling. The main character in this book reminded me so much of someone that I once knew that it was rather chilling. The individual it brought to mind is definitely mentally unhinged and has proven that he is more than capable of violence.

The story had me rooting for Simon to be killed more than once. If you read this book, be prepared for lots—I do mean lots—of blood and gore. Simon goes beyond the depravity of a narcissistic sociopath, and he kills just for the pure fun of it.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. If you are prone to being disturbed by what you read, it might be a good idea to skip this one. If, on the other hand, you can read dark and gory stuff and it not keep you awake at night, go for it. If you would like a copy of this book for your own reading pleasure, I’ve provided an Amazon link below.

Amazon Link: Serial Killer

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Favorite Sentences:
He grabbed the cut with his other hand and fell down to his knees, blood sneaking through the gaps in his fingers, his teeth gritted, fragments of them breaking off into his mouth from the potency of the clench.

He fought it back, but could now taste bile, along with the splinters broken from his teeth in the gory passageway of his throat, a cocktail of nauseating tang.

The fire was still burning, casting menacing shadows around the room, fingers of black reaching out toward the pair.

New Words Learned:
mordant – burning; corrosive

rubicund – reddish color

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About the Author:
Welcome to the maddening world of author Peter Hallett where there is an epic extravaganza of extreme excitement around every corner.

Peter Hallett originates from Haydock, England. He has also written scripts for independent movies and worked for a leading genre publication.

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