The Boss’s Daughter (The Black Rose Series, Book 1) – a Review

What if you learned that your father was bent on destroying you and everything you loved? What if you discovered that your entire life had been a lie?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to grow up in the mob? Renee’s father is a tyrant and underboss for a powerful crime family. Despite the love he shows for her during public appearances, he cares nothing for his daughter. After her fiance is murdered on their wedding day, she runs away from everything she knows to start a new life. Those she leaves behind, the girls who worked under her, are the ones who pay for her escape from this unbearable life.

The characters are well-developed. Once Renee’s father reveals his true feelings to her, it is so easy to become caught up in her life: the pain she felt at the loss of her first love, the horror that ran through her when his father revealed how he despised her, the terror she felt for those she left behind, and her determination to escape.

With a new name—Chloe—and a new life, Renee never plans on falling in love again. She plans on being in total control of her own life. She has put up walls to keep herself from being swept off her feet again but then along comes Hunter. Fate apparently has different plans for her. Hunter works for the FBI and is investigating a string of murders. The female victims all have the same black rose tattooed on their backs, one that is virtually identical to Renee’s tattoo.

The author has done a great job in writing this book. Renee is a strong female lead character whose life is filled with intrigue, secrets, lies, death, revenge, and loyalty. There are so many twists and turns that it became impossible to put the book down for any length of time.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. If you would like your own copy of this book, I’ve provided an Amazon link below.

Amazon Link: The Boss’s Daughter (The Black Rose Series, Book 1)

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Favorite Sentences:
The decorator was obviously going for a distinguished and smart impression on anyone who walked in, but to Chloe it felt like a morgue—very sterile and very boring.

As Chloe took her seat, Arthur overtly scanned and studied her as if she was a conundrum in quantum physics that he would never be able to solve.

She left him on the sidewalk as she drove away from the safety of her new life and into the flames of despair that made up her old one.

As he turned to face Chloe, her fist met his face with all the strength she never knew she had, dazing him enough to make him lose his balance, bounce off the wall behind him, and fall to the floor.

About the Author:
Jennifer Bates was born in Spokane, Washington and grew up in Burien, Washington.

Jennifer started writing at a young age, always filling spiral notebooks with ideas and stories. When she was in 4th grade, she wrote a short story for a young writers conference and placed second. She always had a story of some kind in her head, and it wasn’t until 2015 that her son finally talked her into putting her favorite story to paper and a new adventure was born.

Jennifer enjoys fiction novels of many genres, but her favorite book series (she reads it every year) is the Wilderness series by Sara Donati. Fascinated by anything organized crime related, she finds inspiration for her writing.

When she’s not writing, she is a legal secretary in Louisiana where she resides with her husband, kids, and grandchildren.

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