The Color of Evil series – a Review

This unputdownable series is about a boy who can see evil and the killer clown that wants him dead. Once you start reading, you will be hooked, unable to put down this series until the very last page has been read.

The Color of Evil
Tetrachromatic Super Vision enables a person to see auras around others that tell whether they are good or bad, nice or evil The quaint little town of Cedar Falls, Iowa has so much more evil than anyone could ever imagine.

Something happened to Tad on his eighth birthday when he first saw Pogo the Clown. The aura he saw hovering around Pogo was, in his words, “the worst of the worst.” Two nights later, the nightmares began. Tad’s vivid dreams didn’t hide anything from him. Every cruel and sadistic thing Pogo did to those he killed is revealed to this sweet eight-year-old boy. The dreams stop once Pogo is caught and put in jail. Once they stop, nothing happens for a little over eight years.

Life is good eight years later. Then Pogo escapes prison, starts killing again, and Tad’s nightmares come back.

Tad being able to see other people’s auras interferes with his life period. Being able to tell what a person is inclined to just by looking at them would be creepy in itself. It’s even creepier when one of the auras you see show how cruel and sadistic a person is, how much of a thirst for blood the individual has.

The characters are so life-like that I could imagine knowing them: the high school hunk who is full of himself and what he wants, the psychiatrist who treats Tad, the girl Tad is in love with but has no clue how he feels about her, the best friend who is shunned by most others who disappears without a trace, etc.

By the close of the first book, Tad’s best friend hasn’t been heard from or found, but Tad will do anything to see that he is rescued from whatever trouble he might be in.

Red is for Rage
The search is on for Tad’s still missing best friend.

Many characters from The Color of Evil return in its sequel.  The despicable principal Peter Puck is one of them.  I really did not like this man, but I’m sadly sure that there are many like him in schools across our nation.

The psychiatrist who treated Tad and believes in his “powers” is thrust into a deep depression when his wife does something horrible. Can Tad harness his special power and learn how to use it without the doctor’s help and advice?

The first book in the series caused me to pace the floors just a bit more, but the second book is a very well-done sequel which is able to stand on its own as a great book.  I still recommend reading the first book in the series before you pick it up though.

Her characters are believable, and unfortunately, the atrocities that happen in the book occur all over this nation.  The writing is realistic, and her descriptions of these events caused them to appear crystal clear in this reader’s mind. Ms. Wilson is one talented horror author.

In one way or another, all of Tad’s friends have been affected by his Telechromatic Super Vision.  And there is a killer who wants to stop Tad from breathing and seeing things.

Two teenage girls have vanished without a trace.  The whole town is searching for them when Tad has a dream about where they are.

Pogo, the killer clown is still scheming to do away with Tad.  He looks so different now though that no one would recognize him.

The action doesn’t take a break in this book.  I was so wrapped in the characters and what they were going through that it was hard for me to take even a few seconds break from reading it.  A baby is about to born.  A wedding is about to take place; the bride and groom are waiting for a good friend to bring them something.  But that friend is being stalked and chased by a killer.

I was sent a copy of this series in exchange for an honest review. If you would like to read these entertaining yet horrifying books that will possibly give you nightmares, I’ve provided an Amazon link below.

Amazon Link: The Color of Evil series

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