The Life and Death (but mostly the death) of Erica Flynn – a Review

What is waiting for us after we die?  Erica Flynn is about to find out.  She meets an early death right after a fight with her husband.  If there is ever an appropriate time to die, right after you have a fight with your spouse is definitely not it.

The Life and Death of Erica FlynnAnyway, Erica finds the afterlife is not exactly what she expects.  She is not happy and wants to go back to the land of the living to tell her husband that she is sorry.  She doesn’t want him to live the rest of his life never knowing how she really feels.

But even in the afterlife, stubbornness can get you in trouble.  And Erica is one stubborn young lady.  Amidst all the fun stuff she is discovering that the afterlife holds (joy-swapping, no sickness, you can’t be hurt, being able to change the way you look, etc.), she wants more than anything to return to the land of the living.  And this is what she sets out to do.

Setting herself against Hades, she finds help from a few surprising allies, some of whom are still living.  Still, the road she must travel to grant her own desire is full of danger (even for the dead).

Not only is the title of this book one that is sure to capture your attention, the cover is hard to look away from.  On the pages between the cover, I found this book to be very entertaining and full of humorous moments.  I don’t remember coming across any parts of it that bored me.  As a matter of fact, each time I had to put the book down to do something mundane such as housework, I couldn’t wait for the moment I could pick it back up.

This book is a humorous and entertaining look at the afterlife, particularly the afterlife experience of one young lady who has no intention of staying dead.  If you don’t enjoy reading about the afterlife when it is portrayed somewhat as it was in Greek mythology, then you might not enjoy this book.

I won this book in a contest.  If you would like your own copy of this book, I have provided an Amazon link below for you.

Amazon Link: The Life and Death (but mostly the death) of Erica Flynn

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Favorite Sentences:
If I’d known I was going to be dead less than an hour later, I might have been nicer about it.

Really, naming your own realm after yourself is pretty conceited, not to mention confusing to your populace.

Once you were dead, it was pretty easy to accept anything, just because it was a relief that there was still an anything to accept.

Hades is to divinity what a pissed-off spider-monkey is to humanity.

New Words Learned:
copasetic – very good; excellent; completely satisfactory

twilit – lighted by or as by twilight

Sara MarianAbout the Author:
Sara Marian was raised in the woods by wild English teachers and has been writing for as long as she can remember. She is an avid reader of a wide range of fiction, especially classic literature, fantasy, and historical fiction mysteries. She is pursuing a degree in anthropology from University of Louisville (minoring in Russian studies), with plans for a career in archaeology.

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    I liked the review. The book sounds very interesting.

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