The Toilet’s Overflowing and the Dog is Wearing My Underwear – a Review

Parenting is an adventure all its own. Until the moment that first child comes along, do any of us really know what we are getting ourselves into? No matter how many books you’ve read on parenting, no matter how many have given you advice on how to raise your kids, there are still many surprises along the way.

The Toilet is OverflowingThe Toilet’s Overflowing and the Dog is Wearing My Underwear is full of hilarious stories of what Debbie Roppolo has experienced throughout her life, her marriage, and while raising her children. She didn’t want children at first, but she wanted someone to keep her company. A dog would be the perfect companion, so she told her husband she wanted one. Instead, she ended up pregnant.

Pregnancy and motherhood were not what she expected. When one of her sons was diagnosed with autism, it, of course, threw her a bit. Somehow, she became able to look at the accompanying tantrums and misunderstanding of others in a humorous light. She was able to take the disappointments that life threw at her and turn them into joy, not only for herself but also for those of us who read her book.

I enjoyed her book so much that I have read it twice so far. If you love to read humorous books or if you need a book that will make you laugh until you cry, then this a book you want.

The author sent me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. If you would like your own copy, I have provided an Amazon link below.

Amazon Link: The Toilet’s Overflowing and the Dog is Wearing My Underwear

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Favorite Sentences:
If I had known motherhood entailed fishing cell phones from toilets and pulling cocoa puffs out of noses, I’d have become a nun.

Long-forgotten leftovers, wearing a full coat of fur, will venture out of the fridge and form their own civilization.

I wished, as I plucked my youngest off the back of a chair, businesses would develop a service where children could be checked in like coats, leaving the parent to sit in the lobby in peace.

I’ve learned through the years of family trips that the smell of boys’ feet and day-old spilled ice cream embedded in upholstery are indistinguishable, and the funk of both have the power to render the other car passengers speechless.

New Word Learned:
echolalia – the uncontrollable and immediate repetition of words spoken by another person

About the Author:
Born of Spanish, South Asian, and Mediterranean ancestry, award-winning author Debbie Roppolo grew up in the Blackland Prairie region of Texas, where miles of grassland and her horse were her best friends. Roppolo’s stories have been published in newspapers, magazines, and in several of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Her children’s book series, Amelia Frump and her Peanut Butter Loving Imagination, is published by Dancing With Bear Publishing. Cooking is her second passion, and Roppolo holds the honor of being a six time award-winning baker, and the author of an award-winning cookbook. Married for over twenty-three years, she resides in the Texas Hill Country with her husband and two children.

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