The Vision of the Blind King – a Review

How far would you go to achieve immortality?

Vision of the Blind KingThe story begins in modern-day Cameroon, Africa, then travels back to the Kingdom of Kesmet in 1720 BC then on to modern day Los Angeles, California.  I really wondered how the author was going to weave all three places together in a way that made sense, but he succeeded.  This tale of love, murder, passion, secrets, and deceit takes you on an adventure where the action and surprises never stop.  Political and spiritual implications of the outcome could be enormous.

There is a piece of jewelry that one individual wants to possess so badly that this person chases after this specific piece down through time.  This individual fights against all odds to retrieve this one piece of jewelry and achieve world domination.  Meeting many of the great historical figures—Julius Caesar, Marc Anthony, Cleopatra, Jesus Christ—this individual never takes their eyes off what is being searched for.  For this one piece of jewelry, this person will deceive, kill, and do whatever is necessary to obtain it.

The way scripture was worked into the time travels of the one who traveled down through the centuries was awesome!  If I hadn’t been familiar with the scriptures quoted, the additions to it would not have been noticeable to me.  That is how well the author blended the story in with them.

The history presented in these pages, along with the fiction and the action/adventure that was weaved into it kept my attention from page one.

The story was never boring, but there was one thing that annoyed me.  The author had the tendency to make all the letters caps when someone was yelling, and he still ended those sentences with an exclamation mark.  Maybe it’s just me, but I like to think I’m intelligent enough to know that an exclamation mark means that the character is yelling.

If you are a fan of historical fiction that has a supernatural twist with thrills and time travel, then this is a book that you will love.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  If you would like to purchase a copy for your own reading pleasure, I have provided an Amazon link below.

Amazon Link: The Vision of the Blind King

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Favorite Lines:
I have heard it said before, that if you are aware, I mean really aware, you can sometimes tell when your own death is not too far away.

 In Hitler’s Germany, apart from a few people like Dietrich Boenhoffer, the loud silence of ecclesiastic leadership in response to the holocaust should be enough reason to make everyone think.

The reality was that on a tiny planet in one of the universe’s infinite number of galaxies, a man had come to the end of his physical strength.

calabash, wikimedia commons

calabash, wikimedia commons

New Words Learned:
confided – to entrust or commit to the charge or knowledge of another

calabash – the hollowed-out shell of an of various gourds, used as a container or utensil

debacle – a complete collapse or failure

esoteric – understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest

frenetically – frantically

sinequanon – something that is absolutely needed

Ako EyongAbout the Author:
Ako Eyong is a Cameroonian national, whose critique of government policy (as a journalist) has led to an existence in America as a political exile. Presently, while working on the sequel to The Vision of the Blind King, he is taking the first steps into the world of public speaking. He has spoken at several locations in the country, including Oxnard College in California, Coconino community college in Arizona, Ventura college, Ventura Chapter of Amnesty international, Rotary club of Malibu at Pepperdine University, just to name a few. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history and a diploma in political science.

You can find Ako Eyong on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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