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I am a self-published fantasy author with four novels under my belt. With a writing style that varies from quirky fun to darkly serious to the occasionally naughty, I strive to spin a quality yarn that is enjoyable and engaging. The written word is delightful; crafting imaginative tales is what I love most.

My dreams of fantasy began while I was in middle school. On a day of utter boredom, I was searching for something interesting to read. Like an inspired magic enchantment, I found a strange hardcover tome with runes on the front. A 1964 edition of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien made me cast aside The Hardy Boys books for good and hoist the war banners of orcs and elves forevermore.

The method to the madness is rather chaotic and messy. Much of the writing is pure inspiration with one simple question in mind. What is the worst or most hilarious thing that could happen next? I don’t care much for outlines, but I do carefully plot out a starting point and where the story will eventually end.

Being an author was more of a hobby until 2007 when my son Coale entered this world. Daycare costs took every penny I made, so a year later I elected to save money and become a stay-at-home dad. Used to a grueling forty-hour plus work week, I applied myself diligently to honing the craft. My writing in high school was downright awful, and it took several years away from the daily grind to truly blossom as an excellent teller of tales.

My work experiences have included flipping burgers, making circuit boards, and other miscellaneous manufacturing jobs. My pastimes include indulging in video games and roleplaying. Another hobby I favor is collecting Magic the Gathering cards. Last but not least is my personal library of books and manga.

The novels I’ve written are not in any particular order and can stand on their own story-wise. Of the four books, Dreamsbane of Tamalor and Orcish Dreams share the same world but are in two totally different geographical locations. Gems of the Druid takes place in a realm called Parras. Rose of Tolarius is a much different story and is under the pen name of Fallyn Summerlead. Rose is more fantasy romance but still has the occasional dark theme that I enjoy. Dreamsbane was my first work and might be described as a light fantasy.

Nowadays I work part-time for the post office as a substitute mailman while trying to make ends meet by selling used books on Listia and eBay. I fit writing in when I can but things have been tough lately. So chin up and fingers to the keyboard. I have ambitious plans to publish more books as I get manuscripts completed.

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  1. Eric Ebeling
    July 2, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    Bravo, Bradley, Bravo!

    May the marriage of your inspiration and imagination continue to produce an offspring of delightful tales. Proud of you for pursuing this passion.

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