Emma: An Emotions Primer – a Review

Are emotions confusing for your toddler? Does he frown when he is happy? Smile when he is sad? Maybe she acts scared when she is surprised. Or does she act amused when she is mad?

Emma, An Emotions PrimerEmma: An Emotions Primer is another great addition to the BabyLit collection of books. There is a world of things that toddlers need to learn about, and emotions is one of them. A wide range of emotions is covered in this board book, along with the look that commonly displayed with each of them. On the cover of the book, you can see that Emma is happy.

For those of you who know the story of Emma by Jane Austen, the characters used in this book will be familiar to you. Emma’s well-meaning interference in each of their lives does not always have the effect that Emma intends for it to have.

This board book would be a great way to introduce your young child to the works of Jane Austen. A character from Emma is used for each emotion. You could talk about the part each character plays in the story as you discuss the specific emotion and why this character is feeling it.

If you have never read Emma and don’t know the plot of the story or the characters in it, these Spark Notes should help. I tried to find a children’s version in book or cartoon/movie format, but I didn’t have any luck.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. If you would like to purchase a copy for yourself, I have provided an Amazon link below.

Amazon Link: Emma: An Emotions Primer

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