Find Momo Coast to Coast: A Photography Book – a Review

Momo loves to play hide-and-seek. Can you find him in these pictures taken in various places across North America?

Yes, this is a photography book, but I have found it to be so much more than just a book of pretty photographs to look at. In what other ways can this book be used?

Find MomoFor Entertainment:
First, it is a book where you see if you can find Momo hiding in each of the pictures. It is a like finding Waldo, only Momo is alive and Waldo is not. No matter how young or old you are, it is fun to try and find where the dog is hiding.

You would think that a black-and-white border collie wearing a red bandana would be super easy to find in any picture. Think again. No matter where he is, Momo has a way of disappearing into the picture.

In some of the pictures, Momo was really easy to find. Some I had to look for a few minutes before I found him.

Momo sort of won in the  picture on page 35 though. The picture is taken in front of the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. I could not find Momo in this picture. Even after I cheated and looked in the answer key to see where Momo was hiding, I still could not see him clearly. He is so small that I cannot tell for sure it is him. My husband says that he can see him clearly, so he disagrees with me.

Chinatown, San Francisco, page 98, courtesy of Quirk Books

Chinatown, San Francisco, page 98, courtesy of Quirk Books

This is not the only photograph I had trouble finding Momo in, but it is the one of the two pictures where his hiding place did not become clear to me once I knew where it was.

The photo on page 67 is of the El Cosmico campground in Marfa, Texas. Momo definitely won in this one. Even after I looked and saw where he is supposed to be, I still could not find him. Momo has truly become one with this photograph.

My favorite photograph? The photo of Butchart Gardens in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia is one of them. I love gardens, but unfortunately, I have a black thumb and cannot seem to grow anything. To have a backyard that looked like that photo would be a dream come true. The photo of these gardens can be found towards the bottom of this article.

Lake Louise, Alberta, page 118, courtesy of Quirk Books

Lake Louise, Alberta, page 118, courtesy of Quirk Books

Travel Guide:
That brings me to the second use of this book. If you like to travel, and you want to visit some out of the way places, this would be an awesome book to help you decide where to go. From Bard Coffee in Portland, Maine to Grove Arcade in Asheville, North Carolina to Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas to Spin Laundry Lounge in Portland, Oregon to Kensington Market in Toronto, Ontario, this book is the perfect travel guide.

For Homeschoolers:
For those of you who homeschool your children, this is a wonderful book. Not only will your children enjoy looking at the pictures, but you can use each picture as a guide to study certain regions of North America.

You could use the picture of Lombard Street in San Francisco, California to start a study on this beautiful city. One of the first things I would want to learn is why the street winds through so many areas of perfectly landscaped trees and bushes. When I first looked at this picture, I didn’t realize that there was a road until I noticed the cars driving through the midst of the greenery.

Butchart Gardens, Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, page 114, courtesy of Quirk Books

Butchart Gardens, Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, page 114, courtesy of Quirk Books

For Writers:
There are over a hundred pictures in this awesome book. You could use any of them as a writing prompt for a story.

From the picture of Butchart Gardens in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, here are some “what if” questions to get you started.

What if Momo is hiding from someone who is after him?

What if whoever is looking for Momo finds him?

What if there is treasure hidden in these gardens? What if Momo knows where this treasure is?

What if there is a killer hiding in the trees? Is this killer after Momo? Why?

What if the person who planted these gardens had a secret that was not discovered before he died? What if this secret is hidden in these gardens?

Andrew Knapp and Momo,

Andrew Knapp and Momo,

About the Authors:
Andrew Knapp is a freelance interface designer and photographer from northern Ontario who desires to make everyday routines into creative adventures. Along with his commercial photography and design work, he’s filmed a TEDx Talk, collaborated on an Instamissions project with MTV and Sony, and cofounded the We Live Up Here collaboration exploring life in Sudbury, Ontario.

Momo is an adorable brown-eyes border collie, Andrew’s BFF, and a genius at hiding. He has over 340,000 Instagram fans.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. If you would like this book for yourself or someone else you know, please click on the Amazon link provided below.

Amazon link: Find Momo Coast to Coast: A Photography Book

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