The Flesh and Blood trilogy – a Review

Whether they are good or bad, your actions have the potential to affect you, as well as those close to you, for the rest of time.

The Flesh and Blood trilogy by Christina Kaye is full of twists and turns. The storyline is riveting. Forget cleaning the house or watching television shows; once you start the first book, Like Father Like Daughter, you won’t want to stop reading until you have also read Family Ties and Brother’s Keeper, the last two books in the trilogy.

Waking up in the morning to find that your spouse has been murdered while you slept would be horrible. This is what happens to Libby though. She wakes one morning, covered in blood, to find her husband dead beside her, his head half gone from the bullet that killed him.

Libby’s father is in jail for being a serial killer, so of course, Libby is the prime suspect in her husband’s murder. She isn’t going to sit still for that though.

Let go from the law firm she works for because she is under suspicion of murder, she becomes a private detective and sets out to prove her innocence. Her first client becomes her best friend and partner, someone who will stand by her through anything.

At the insistence of her mom, she reunites with her serial killer father who later asks her to do something special for him, something that shocks her. So many surprises, so many twists and turns are involved here that it will make your head spin.

LIbby didn’t kill her husband, but she is plagued by doubts of her own innocence. Could she have done it? If her father killed so many women, could it be in her blood to kill?

And even though her husband has just been murdered, romance is in the air. She falls in love with one of the cops who is investigating her for murder. But don’t judge her for that. Once you read this series, you’ll totally understand.

If you’re a fan of mysteries and thrillers—or even if you’re not—this unputdownable trilogy will thrill the reader in you.

I bought my copy of this trilogy from Amazon. If you would like to buy this trilogy to enjoy for yourself, I’ve provided an Amazon link below.

Amazon Link: Flesh and Blood trilogy

Favorite Sentences:
But then again, we lived in a small town in Kentucky where the only dispatch calls they probably ever received were cats up trees and wandering grandpas.

I remember that day the way you remember a scene from a movie you just can’t get out of your head, no matter how much you hated it.

He charges big, and if he thinks you’re really guilty of something, he’s like a pit bull on a poodle.

What is it about Walmart that brings out the sloppiness in some people?

I prayed, even though I clearly recognized the ridiculousness in asking God to help you break in someone’s house, that it would be unlocked.

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New Words Learned:
altruism– the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others

oedipal – of or pertaining to desire felt for the opposite-sex parent

About the Author:
Christina Kaye was raised in suburban Central Kentucky in a family full of right-brainers. With a photographer/artist for a grandfather and an author/illustrator for a mother, she was bound to turn out on the creative side of the spectrum. She honed her writing skills in school, winning awards for her essays and short stories. Christina tried her hand at about every sport imaginable, which only went to prove that her efforts were better spent in other creative outlets such as art, singing, and writing. But it was writing that really stuck with her and she spent the next several years trying her hand at writing fiction novels, just for the fun of it.

She took a break for a while and focused on putting herself through paralegal school while raising two amazing Irish twin girls. She quickly learned that being a certified paralegal was the best career choice she could have made. On top of all of the cool cases she has worked on over the years, she was able to write original legal documents autonomously. When a national magazine for attorneys approached her in 2013 to write a short story for them about the life of a paralegal, she jumped on the opportunity. When the article was published and garnered her some amazing feedback, she realized how much she missed creative writing. She sat down and wrote her very first full-length fiction novel that year and hasn’t stopped writing since.

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