Miss Polly had a Dolly (Emma Frost Book 2) – a Review

Miss Polly had a dolly, but instead of a real dolly, it was her daughter, Nina, that she protected from everyone and everything. Instead of being allowed to play with other children and get dirty, she was paraded around to show off how beautiful she was. Then she finally gets to talk to a boy, and when her mother’s back is turned, she sneaks off to get ice cream from the ice cream truck. Nina is never seen again. The year is 1997.

miss-polly-had-a-dollyIn 2013, Emma is enjoying the success of the book she wrote, Itsy Bitsy Spider. She has settled into life on Faroe Island, but she still doesn’t know the full extent of the depravity there. When she sets out to investigate the disappearance of little girls over the years, she uncovers way more than she anticipated.

The graphicness of what is written in this book might be a bit much for some people. Child trafficking is never pretty, and it is revealed in one of its most brutal forms here. But child trafficking isn’t all that is going on; some of the little girls have disappeared for an even more sickening reason.

This book is full of twists and turns, red herrings, and discoveries that will shock you. Willow Rose writes about human nature at its darkest.

I downloaded this book for free with no expectation of a review. If you would like your own copy, I have provided an Amazon link below.

Warning: This book is rather graphic in parts.

Amazon Link: Miss Polly had a Dolly

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Favorite Sentences:
It wasn’t until the truck started moving that she realized she wasn’t going to taste the ice cream any time soon.

Were there real witches in this world who ate small children?

It reminded Josephine of the story of Hansel and Gretel, only it didn’t seem like she wanted Josephine to get fatter.

willow-roseAbout the Author:
The Queen of Scream aka Willow Rose is an Amazon all-star best-selling author. She writes Mystery/Suspense/Horror, Paranormal Romance, and Fantasy. She is inspired by authors like James Patterson, Agatha Christie, Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Isabel Allende. She lives on Florida’s Space Coast with her husband and two daughters. When she is not writing or reading, you’ll find her surfing and watching the dolphins play in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. She has sold more than a million books.

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