Picture Writing Prompts – Chess Land, Mud Maid in the Lost Gardens, and an Igloo

When you look at any picture, do you only see what is right in front of your eyes? Or do you see more? Maybe you can see romance. Or maybe you are someone who reads mystery and intrigue into everything you see.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it is up to the author to write those thousand words. (Richard Petracca) Will you be the one to write those thousand words?

I’m going to share some pictures with you in this article. You need to study each picture, ask “what if” questions, and come up with stories that could be written based on each one. Allow your imagination to take flight and explore all possibilities.

Chess Land, ewallpapers.eu

Chess Land, ewallpapers.eu

What do you see when you look at a picture of some chess pieces? Do you just see the chess pieces or do you see more?

What if all of these chess pieces came to life?
What would life be like in the land of chess?
What could possibly go wrong?

But what about our lives?
What if we are chess pieces in human form moving through this world?
What if our life nothing but a chess game and the world is one huge chess board?
Who if someone is in control of the moves your piece makes in the game of life? Would you attempt to break from the control of this individual?
What if there is no one but you in control of the moves? Would you search for a higher power to give you boundaries?
What if . . . ?

Mud Maid in the Lost Gardens, inspirationgreen.com

Mud Maid in the Lost Gardens, inspirationgreen.com

What can you read into the picture of a garden statue? At first glance, all you see is a field. Most of this field is overgrown and unkempt. But take a closer look and you will see what appears to be the head and one shoulder of a lady laying down in this field. Her hair is grass, as is her clothing. She appears to be a giant.

How did she come to be in this field?
For what reason did she stretch out in the garden? Did she decide to take a nap and, while she was sleeping, something happen to keep her there permanently?
What if she never rises up off her bed of grass?
What would happen if she stood up and shook off all the dirt and grass? Would there be an earthquake?
What if she became angry and went around in a destructive rage?
What if a witch cast some spell on her to keep her asleep and to cause her to become part of the ground?
What if there is no way to break the spell? Would she still try?
What if there is a way to break the spell? What would have to be done?
What if . . . ?

igloo, wikipedia

igloo, wikipedia

This is a just a picture of an igloo. What kind of ideas could you get from a picture of just an igloo? Well, let’s see.

What if a team of scientists have a lab set up inside and are working on some kind of experiment away from civilization? What kind of experiment are they performing and why do they have to be so far out to work on it?

What if this igloo just sprung up out of the snow all on its own?
What if no one knows how or why this igloo was built? Would it be a tourist attraction in this cold and desolate land?
What if a family lives in this igloo? Why have they chosen to live so far away from everything and everyone?
What if this igloo is being used as a hideout?
What if something of value is hidden inside the igloo?
What if someone would kill to keep that secret thing hidden?
What if . . . ?

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