Cat in Front of Fireplace Picture Writing Prompts

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it is up to the author to write those thousand words. (Richard Petracca)

What do you see when you look at this picture of a white cat sitting in front of a fireplace? Do you just see a pretty white cat with glowing eyes, or do you see more? What can you read into this picture? Do you only see what is right in front of your eyes?  Maybe you can see romance. Or maybe you are someone who reads mystery and intrigue into everything you see.

Loki in front of fireplace, picture by Lisa Binion

Loki in front of fireplace, picture by Lisa Binion

You need to study the pictures I share with you in this article, ask “what if” questions, and come up with stories that could be written based on the photographs. Allow your imagination to take flight and explore all possibilities.

The cat’s name is Loki. It isn’t easy to tell from the pictures, but he’s not completely white. A faint reddish color that turns to a light caramel goes down his tail and part of his back. His ears look as though they’ve been dipped in the same color.

Loki gazing into fireplace, picture by Lisa Binion

Loki gazing into fireplace, picture by Lisa Binion

Why is the cat sitting in front of the fireplace? Why are his eyes glowing red? When my granddaughter saw the above picture on my phone, she said, “I wish my eyes were red like the kitty’s.” I should have asked her why she thought they were red, but I didn’t. She is four, and I’m sure she would have given me some great reasons.

What if his eyes are red because he was born from the fire?
What if his eyes are this color because he is possessed by a demon?

What if he has used the fireplace as a portal from another world? Are others going to follow him? If so, what are their plans? If he is by himself, what are his plans?
What if he has come through the portal in search of his long lost brother?
What if the owner of the house finds him and decides to adopt him? Will he stay willingly, or will he try to escape?
What if, as he gazes into the fire, he is longing for home?

Loki trying to climb up fireplace, picture by Lisa Binion

Loki trying to climb up fireplace, picture by Lisa Binion

What if he lives on another planet where the eyes of all cats are this color?
What if he has escaped from this planet because killers were after him? What if they follow him to this new world?

What if he has been kidnapped and taken to another world? He has escaped and returned to where he belongs. How did he escape? How did he know how to get back home? Is he watching to see if his kidnappers followed him? If not, what is he looking for?

What if you found this cat in front of your fireplace? What would you do?

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