Confusing Words from Complacence to Conscious

Would you find a conch or a conk on the beach? Do you want to concur or conquer your enemies? If you can see and hear what is going on around you, are you conscience or conscious?

Pip, photo by Lisa Binion

Pip, photo by Lisa Binion

complacence, complaisance
Complacence is indifference or self-satisfaction.
Brittany had so much complacence about her ability to pass the test that she neglected to study.
Complaisance is a willingness to please.
Pip’s complaisance makes him the perfect dog to have around children.

complacent, complaisant
If an individual is complacent, he is self-satisfied or pleased.
His complacent attitude about paying his speeding tickets caused him to lose his license.
If an individual is complaisant, he is inclined to please.
Because of her complaisant character, she soon became the teacher’s pet.

open up to imagination,

open up to imagination,

complement, compliment
complement is something that completes or makes perfect.
The husband’s imagination complemented his wife’s ability to write, so they made the perfect team.
compliment is an expression of praise or admiration. It is also a formal expression of respect.
I would like to compliment you on the excellent dinner you prepared.

complementary, complimentary
If something is complementary, it completes.
Many people consider dessert to be the complementary portion of their meal.
If something is complimentary, it is free or given as a gift. It also means favorable.
The hotel sent a complimentary bottle of wine to our room.

pages of William Shakespeare's first folio at the Bodlean Library, Oxford, flickr

pages of William Shakespeare’s first folio at the Bodlean Library, Oxford, flickr

comprehensible, comprehensive
If something is comprehensible, it is easy to comprehend or understand.
The talented literature teacher made the writings of Shakespeare comprehensible to her students.
Comprehensive means covering a large amount.
Her comprehensive grade for her senior year was impressive.

concert, consort
concert is a public musical performance. It is also an agreement between two or more individuals.
The auditorium was packed with people of all ages for the concert.
consort is an associate or spouse.
The person he chose to be his business consort proved not to be trustworthy.

conch, wikimedia commons

conch, wikimedia commons

conch, conk
conch is a marine mollusk.
Sammi found a beautiful conch on the beach.
conk is a blow on the head.
The conk on the head I received in my car wreck put me in the hospital for six weeks.

concur, conquer
To concur means to agree.
I concur with your decision.
To conquer means to defeat or overcome.
She was able to conquer her bad habits because of her determination.

confidant, confidante, confident
confidant is someone with whom you share your closest secrets.
The secret told to the confidant was the key to the mystery.
confidante is also someone with whom you share your closest secrets.
Her confidante proved not to be such a good friend when she wrote a book that revealed all.
What is the difference between the two words? Confidant is a close male friend, while confidante is a close female friend. Many media now use confidant for both genders.
If someone is confident, he is assured or certain.
Confident about his ability to pass the test with flying colors, he neglected to study.

a dog's fight to do what is right, wikipedia

a dog’s fight to do what is right, wikipedia

conscience, conscious
Your conscience is your inner sense of what is right and wrong.
He had done so many wrongs that his conscience was hardened and no longer spoke to him.
When one is conscious, one is aware of one’s surrounding, thoughts, etc.
Barely conscious, she was still able to detect the subtle movements in the corner of her room.

confusing words,

confusing words,

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