Creepy Doll Picture Writing Prompts

creepy baby doll, flickr

When you look at any picture, do you only see what is right in front of your eyes? Or do you see more? Maybe you can see romance. Or maybe you are someone who reads mystery, intrigue, or even horror into everything you see.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it is up to the author to write those thousand words. (Richard Petracca) Will you be the one to write those thousand words?

I’m going to share some pictures with you in this article. You need to study each picture then ask questions about what is seen in each picture and what isn’t seen. Allow your imagination to take flight and come up with stories that could be written based on each one. Explore every possibility.

Each of the dolls pictured in this article has its own story. Where did it come from? Was it from another country, another time, another place? Or did it maybe come from another planet?

What has happened to it? What was its owner like? Did its owner have any other dolls? Was its owner kind and gentle, or cruel and hateful? Had the doll been treasured and taken care of? Or had its owner mistreated the doll and eventually thrown it in the trash?

creepy doll face, public domain

What if the doll you are going to write about has human characteristics and emotions? Is this doll evil? When someone walks into her presence, does this doll’s eyes follow their movements? Does her evil mind control their thoughts?

Does this doll have the ability to move around on her own? Does she try to hide this ability from her owners? Or is this doll the owner of the people who have her? Is she allowing them to live because she hasn’t yet been told to kill them? Who (or what) controls her?

Isabella Rose, photo by Lisa Binion

Or is this doll good? Does walking into her presence fill those around her with peace?

If she is an antique doll, was she cursed in the past? Is she destined to be evil and destructive, to do harm to other?

Maybe she is a good doll. Instead of having been cursed to do evil, she has been blessed and is destined to do good, to cause whoever owns her to be filled with love and joy. Perhaps she even magically brings her owners wealth and prosperity that cannot be explained.


Robert the Doll
Robert the doll is kept behind glass in a museum in Florida, and he has been reported to have strange effects on those who get too close to him or take his picture without his permission.

Robert the Doll: Meet the Creepy Cursed Figurine That Haunts a Florida Museum

What do you think? Is Robert the Doll really cursed? Has this doll really done all of the creepy things that others give him credit for?

Regardless of whether or not the stories about him are true, you can use all of the legends about him to come up with a creepy doll of your own that has a past full of hauntings, stalkings, and murder.

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  1. March 31, 2017 at 10:09 am

    Those pictures of the dolls are really scary looking. A picture does say a thousand words. It’s a good way to get your imagination going and start a book! Fantastic for writing prompts if you are stuck.
    I don’t usually read horror because my imagination will take over and scared the daylights out of me.

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